Streaming specialist

PerfectStream, the latest venture of the mp3 co-founder, Professor Karlheinz Brandenburg, with offices in Munich and Berlin, was founded in 2009 to revolutionise audio and video streaming. Based on patented technology, the PerfectStream server platform can supply personalised audio and video content to any playout medium, including digital picture frames or “unsmart” mobile phones, to thereby incorporate diverse media sources as content suppliers.
New opportunities for streaming: classic streaming on the Internet previously used a simple sender-receiver model where users select and consume content at any time; interaction is limited to options such as “play” and “stop”. The content generally comprises pre-produced data that is distributed to users server-side. The PerfectStream patented streaming technology combines interactivity and a server-side personalised mix of media such as audio, video, images, animation and text in real time. Businesses can use the PerfectStream server software to break through the sender-receiver model and provide users with a continuously open feedback channel that allows them to personalise and navigate content. In addition to “MyStream”, PerfectStream offers additional streaming solutions, for example in the area of ad placement.


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