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Software Basis

Additional modules

  • Reporting


    Optimise the success of your video output using versatile and rapid reporting. Use the reporting module to generate extensive analysis, the results of which will then be displayed on the TVNEXT reporting interface and can be exported to your systems via interfaces.

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  • Linear TV / EPG

    Linear TV / EPG

    Provide your users with their own electronic and constantly updated program guide. Access your own video data from the TVNEXT system or link to content providers using open import and export interfaces.

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  • Video Enrichment

    Video Enrichment

    Make the most of your videos using TVNEXT video enrichment. Rely on the automatic enrichment of metadata through keywords and search engine tags, and use video enrichment to ensure quick and efficient access to your content.

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  • User Management

    User Management

    You can specify how to manage user data and maintain user profiles. Adherence to standards and open interfaces enable you to connect to existing user databases and other sources such as Facebook connect, etc. quickly and easily.

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  • Payment


    The payment module is an extremely effective way of promoting your video content. Fix the charges for pay-per-view, subscriptions and vouchers, bundle videos and channels with special offers, and connect to external payment providers via TVNEXT interfaces.

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  • Scheduling


    The scheduling module is a powerful planning and management tool for 24/7 broadcasting. You can manage linear programs and live productions via TVNEXT’s rule-based scheduling and playout features.

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    TVNEXT's Business Solutions are specially preconfigured combinations of TVNEXT VMS and complementary modules. This means they are specially optimised for industry-standard use cases, which ensure that implementations, even of highly complex projects, are faster and more effective and that, further downstream, the operation of your platform is optimised and trouble-free.

  • Multiclient Premium VoD

    The customisable video-on-demand solution is based on TVNEXT VMS and integrates the „Payment“ and „User-Management“ modules. The multi-client Premium VOD solution is aimed at those businesses and organisations who would like almost identical content to be accessible to different target groups and different portals.

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  • Online TV & VoD

    Building on TVNEXT, VMS combines the online TV & VoD solution modules, „Linear TV & EPG“, „User Management“, „Reporting“ and „Payment“ to create a stable base for difficult projects run by telecoms companies and network operators.

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  • Video Enrichment Lösung

    Use TVNEXT's Video Enrichment solution through a connection to your own structures and systems. Improve your video quality and integrate qualified metadata with your in-house system through automated speech and image analysis.

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