Our Software Basis:

next generation video management

Optimal project implementation requires a proven, reliable technology. TVNEXT's Video Management System  was developed as an Enterprise Content Management System with a focus on video managementand distribution. It enables content management, organisation and presentation, as well as complex web platforms, to be implemented on mobiles, set-top boxes or hybrid television equipment. Or indeed on all of these. Depending on the size of the project, the web-based software is scalable, fully customisable and usable for multilingual portals.


software basis and expansion module

In order to accommodate the different requirements of individual projects, VMS was conceived as a modular system with different modules and a scalable base. Depending on the project, we can combine different modules to implement your requirements in the best way possible. All modules can be freely combined or implemented in pre-configured industry solutions. 


our achievements

Using our software products and technologies in a robust network, we work on extensive and demanding projects. Our success stems from our initial consultation with our customers and extends over the control of the whole project, right through to the implementation of the back end. In certain cases, using our front-end frameworks, we also create the user interfaces for all devices, thus offering everything as a one-stop shop.


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