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multiscreen playout and channel scheduling

Clips and Channels

Audi tv offers its users a rich and comprehensive range of video clips – and not just for car enthusiasts. There are five different on-demand channels: "Life and Style", "Sports Center", "On the Road", "Behind the Scenes" and "The new Audi A8", informing and entertaining users with technical, historical and lifestyle-oriented content. Users are also able to find clips targeted at specific topics via the search function and complex clip library. In addition to the extensive on-demand range, the user is offered a linear 24/7 "On Air" stream with stable programming and extremely varied content. An additional channel will be added for selected live-streaming events.


Look & Feel

Owing to the TVNEXT 'free design' front-end frameworks, highly individual concepts and designs can be fully implemented in the relevant CI. Audi tv combines design, functionality and operation in a single coordinated unit. Even with a high level of functionality and depth of content, the screen is clearly structured and uncluttered. This is due mainly to its three-dimensional effects, created by optics and movement.


Bookmark & Share

Portals like Audi tv exist principally to support brand marketing. They are designed to achieve the highest possible visibility of their brand image through their content. At Audi tv this is achieved with the help of a large number of Bookmark & Share tools. The portal allows individual contributions to be posted on the social web and selected videos from on-demand channels to be re-transmitted or embedded. For this an in-house-developed Embed Player is provided.


Key Features

  • rich, comprehensive video-on-demand service to 5 channels
  • 24/7 linear programming with accurately predicted programme sequences on own "on air" channel
  • the TVNEXT free design allows front-end frameworks to be individually set up with the Audi Look & Feel
  • versatile player features, such as Bookmark & Share
  • Audi tv portal players maximize content distribution
  • a fully scalable, centralized back-end manages the entire Audi tv content over all portals
  • browser-based, intuitive programming and live dashboard
  • Real-time statistics provide precise information about programme coverage and user behaviour on the platform.


Player tools

The central element of the Audi tv screen is the TVNEXT player.
In addition to the Bookmark & Share tools, the player can do a great deal more. The TVNEXT player framework enables fast development of Audi tv player-specific tools. One of these displays highlights, i.e. smaller trailers, with image and text at the top-left edge of the player. There is a more extensive, project-specific tool for detecting and displaying the video quality required via the player. Other player features, such as full-screen and overlay controls, are included in the standard size of the TVNEXT Player.


Portal player

Audi tv players are also to be found on other portals. Audi tv portal players are embedded in relevant linked pages, such as Auto Motor Sport, T-Online and DTM.TV, or the branded portals of individual models on Portal players have their own video playlist, controlled from the central back-end. And always available is Audi tv's mobile portal. This offers multiple channels and many hours of slick programming from the house of Audi.
The Audi tv player appears with the same Look & Feel on an extremely wide range of link portals Audi tv offers OTT-TV of the highest order - quality content and visuals. The comprehensive range of clips is currently available to users, not only on 5 on-demand channels and one "OnAir" channel on the Internet, but also on Audi tv's mobile portal channel.

Best Practice: Audi tv a polished OTT-TV platform
for the luxury automobile marque Audi


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