EWE Online TV:
Integrated Online-TV-Portal and EPG


Television on your PC – it's that simple TVNEXT Solutions enable the introduction of a new type of Online TV Portal. North German telecoms company, EWE TEL (Oldenburg), is offering its customers a new kind of TV service with a unique combination of more than 35 TV stations, a local station called „heimatLIVE“, the ability to watch current cinema blockbusters on your PC or laptop, and an electronic programme controller. As EWE TEL's technical adviser, general contractor and technology partner, TVNEXT is responsible for the entire build of this integrated online TV streaming platform.


Over 35 free TV stations

As the leading Internet platform, EWE TEL combines online TV's video-on-demand functionality with free linear TV Programmes. As the service is rolled out, the number of stations offered already spans the normal programming range of classical TV. Together with the most significant public service and private TV broadcasters, online TV is a genuine alternative to a second TV set. The quality Is as good as normal picture quality. Linear TV is the 'home page' of online TV services. In the profile properties users can compose and save their own station list with just a few clicks. This list of favourites immediately creates the default programme selection.


Movies on demand

In cooperation with a British company, On Demand Group, EWE TEL Online-TV offers a comprehensive video library of current Hollywood blockbusters and classics. The films are presented to the viewers in theme-based classification, while individual highlights are recommended daily by the editor. The appropriate trailer for each film can be viewed free of charge prior to hire. When choosing a film, users can use a personal PIN to borrow it for 48 hours. Easy billing and payment are offered via the customer's phone bill. There is no limit on how many times a hired video can be viewed during the loan period. Blockbusters are updated at least monthly. The online video library contains the most recent blockbusters and are searchable In Listen- or Cover Flow mode. The Electronic Programme Controller (EPC) displays all station content clearly, whether classical, free TV channels or heimatLIVE channels. Adjustable stations and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) searches can be configured by users as they wish. Station lists and EPG searches are configurable by the user according to need.


Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

As accompanying information to linear TV stations, the electronic programme guide (EPG) provides a clear preview of individual programme content 7 days ahead. The integrated theme-based search function allows for fast navigation to the content being searched and its date of transmission. Hidden in the search function is yet another useful gem: the search result appears as its own station. The users can therefore flick through the  search results directly on the player. The moment the transaction begins, the user  finds himself in a linear programme as if it were normal television. EPG or video areas can be called up over these so-called left and right „fly-ins“.



Through the new regional station, heimatLIVE, EWE TEL Online-TV also offers new content in addition to that from established stations. Three generalist channels have been created, together with a comprehensive TV archive, especially for Oldenburger Muensterland, Ostfriesland und Niederelbe. The intuitive map navigation logic provides an overview, offering archive clips to interested regional audiences, depending on where they were created. heimatLIVE provides daily updated reports from its glass studios in Leer, Cuxhaven and Cloppenburg on local weather, sport and service-related topics.


Key Features

  • More than 35 public broadcast and private TV stations
  • Electronic programme schedule with theme-based searching and
  • the ability to save favourites
  • Online video library of current Hollywood blockbusters that can be hired for 48 hours. Billing and payment via phone bill
  • Usable using a web browser, optimised for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari
  • Design und user administration customisable for use by EWE TEL's subsidiaries Osnatel, Teleos and Nordcom
  • Standard interfaces to content delivery like VOD and EPG
  • Fully Integrated with EWE TEL's internal functions, including billing and CRM.


Technical realisation

TVNEXT operated as EWE TEL's technical adviser, general contractor and technology partner for the entire construction of the integrated online TV streaming platform. TVNEXT developed the technical concept based on the Video Management System as well as TVNEXT Software Framework's front- and back-end solutions. The basis of EWE TEL's online TV is the reliable Java back-end of TVNEXT Software Framework. This takes on the user-handling role as well as managing the transactions within the payment process. It will be supplemented by an independent CDN module, which controls user allocation via several  computer centres. This so-called “Edge Finder” was invented by TVNEXT specifically for the project. The video management system provides the content management for the online TV project. It manages the  video-on-demand data as well as the EPG and heimatLIVE archive.  Different import routines look after content processing, transferring the content via different transfer servers into the system and on to outgoing servers.



EWE TEL GmbH is the most successful telecommunications provider in the whole of EWE's business. Founded in September 1996 and headquartered in Oldenburg, EWE TEL now serves over 600,000 customers, making it one of the largest regional telecoms operators in Germany. As a fully-owned subsidiary of EWE AG it controls the following brands: EWE TEL, nordcom (Bremen), osnatel (Osnabrueck), Teleos (Herford) and Eggenet (Paderborn) as well as Martens (Hamburg-based TV and cable operator). On one hand EWE TEL offers a full range of telecoms services in Lower Saxony, Bremen and parts of Brandenburg, Hamburg and North Rhine Westphalia, such as Internet, telephony, mobile radio and TV. On the other, it looks after individual business customers through its systems solutions and computer centres. Using intuitive map navigation the user can search relevant content by region, rural area or town. The navigation supports theme-guided searches. TVNEXT's Video Management System takes over the entire content management, from heimatLIVE, Archiv and EPG data to video-on-demand films, including trailers and images.


Uwe Hofer
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